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Workplace Philanthropy Enduring COVID-19

Danielle Perlstein
Posted by  Danielle Perlstein on Mar 26, 2020
Pressing pause on your pre-coronavirus culture-focused initiatives? You don’t have to.
With new research about the positive effects of workplace philanthropy on company culture and employee engagement, it’s no wonder companies of all sizes are finding ways to give back. But during the era of COVID-19, social distancing most likely also means charitable distancing, and we have suggestions for how (and why) you can still be in the giving spirit.

Volunteering from a distance

In order to #flattenthecurve, suspend all face-to-face volunteering events for the foreseeable future and start looking for remote-friendly volunteer opportunities. There are hundreds of ways you can volunteer from a distance and continue to make an impact as an organization. Percent Pledge partners with organizations such as UPchieve and MENTOR that allow for year-round virtual volunteering.

You should also consider making a company-wide donation to the nonprofit you are no longer volunteering for, so you can still make an impact even when you’re not there in person.

Technology for good

If volunteering doesn’t need to stop just because you’re quarantined, then charitable giving certainly doesn’t need to either.

Is charitable giving already part of your company culture? Great! Set some company-wide goals that get everyone involved and invested in raising money for causes they care about. Want to get them even more invested? Throw in some incentives!

If you don’t already incorporate charitable giving into your culture, or you’re looking for ways to make an even greater impact, then consider a workplace philanthropy platform like Percent Pledge.

Our employee passion assessments ensure every team member, no matter where they are working from, feels invested and engaged in workplace giving. And our platform for automated giving turns donating to your favorite causes into a monthly subscription. You already have a subscription for everything else -- why not giving? And while you’re doing all that good, we’re sending you bi-weekly newsletters that show exactly how your donations are making an impact.

Doing Good + Feeling Good = Strong Company Culture

People and communities are most vulnerable right now, so there’s never been a better time for those who are more fortunate to do the most good.

Finding ways to impact your community and give to those in need doesn’t only help others; it helps boost employee morale and is a direct reflection of the type of company you are (which means customers feel good about you, too).

While your entire office is working remotely, group together as a community to help drown out the negativity and lean in to all of the good you can still do together. Once COVID-19 is behind us, it will be a time of rebuilding. Set an example for those around you and inspire others to keep giving.

Percent Pledge works with culture-focused companies across the country who are continuing to give and make an impact. We’d love to partner with you in these efforts and unite your team around a common goal of giving.

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Danielle Perlstein

Written by Danielle Perlstein

Vice President of Sales @ Percent Pledge

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