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What the Heck is CSR?

Joel Pollick
Posted by  Joel Pollick on May 21, 2019

From what we gather, CSR is the acronym "Big Giving" sent down from on high to encompass anything a company does to give back. "Big Giving" forced this acronym on us all and, now that giving back is becoming increasingly important to today's talent, companies keep asking us what CSR means! So, to preempt that question moving forward, CSR goes like this...

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.

CSR encompasses all these things and more (TLDR, skip to the next section!): corporate philanthropy, workplace giving, employee giving, onsite volunteering, offsite volunteering, corporate foundations, matching donations/gifts, grant-making, sustainability, community engagement, charity sponsorships, charity partnerships, board service, board placement, social impact, double bottom-line, triple bottom-line, educational opportunities, seasonal drives, special events, peer-to-peer giving, employee engagement, in-kind giving, pro bono services, dollars for doers, rewards giving, donation drives, culture teams, fun committees, cares teams, annual campaigns, awareness month campaigns.

That list was insane, right? Let us simplify things. Think of CSR as a business strategy. This business strategy often includes tactics like workplace giving and volunteering. This business strategy has always been unique in that it can positively impact your company and community simultaneously. This business strategy is now also unique in that it can give you--pun intended--a competitive advantage with today's socially-conscious millennial talent.

You might be a growing company that doesn't have extra bandwidth for a new strategy, but because this is so important we founded Percent Pledge. Our clients think of us as their "CSR in-a-box." If you'd like to improve your company, improve your community, and stand out with today's talent, email us at

Joel Pollick

Written by Joel Pollick

Founder & CEO @ Percent Pledge. Expert in workplace giving, volunteering, and employee engagement for fast-growing companies.

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