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Video Case Study with Ayo Jimoh, Chief Technology Officer @ Visibly

Joel Pollick
Posted by  Joel Pollick on Jul 10, 2019

"Percent Pledge has been a win-win that satisfies employee desire to give back and makes giving a part of company culture." Ayo Jimoh, CTO @ Visibly.

In this amazing interview, Ayo shares his thoughts on a variety of topics: how Percent Pledge has helped Visibly create a culture of giving, what that's done to improve engagement & recruitment, and why fellow executives should consider partnering with Percent Pledge.

"What would you tell a fellow executive considering Percent Pledge?"


visibly_fellow exec question


"How has Percent Pledge's impact reporting improved engagement?"


visibly_impact reports


"How has Percent Pledge helped you attract top talent?"


visibly_talent question


"What surprised you most about partnering with Percent Pledge?"


visibly_surpised question

About Visibly: Founded in 2012, Visibly is a Chicago-based healthcare technology company that creates digital eye care technologies to help the world see better. They offer solutions to both providers and patients, and their prescription renewal test allows patients to update or renew their prescription anywhere, anytime. To learn more, visit

About Percent Pledge: Founded in 2018, Percent Pledge gives--pun intended--growing companies like Visibly a new way to attract & retain today's socially conscious talent. Combining unique workplace-giving technology, local volunteer services, & transparent impact reporting, Percent Pledge makes it possible--and easy--for growing companies to connect employees' to their favorite causes and do better by doing good.

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Joel Pollick

Written by Joel Pollick

Founder & CEO @ Percent Pledge. Expert in workplace giving, volunteering, and employee engagement for fast-growing companies.

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