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Survive “The Great Resignation” by Making Your Recruiting Efforts More Impactful

Cori Hammoor
Posted by  Cori Hammoor on Aug 19, 2021
Learn how you can add to your strategic recruitment plan to survive “The Great Resignation.”
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“The Great Resignation” is upon us. For all its dread, the COVID-19 pandemic granted professionals the time and space to reflect on their work-life balance and career purpose. Unfortunately for many businesses, though, this reflection revealed burnout and disconnection, causing 25-40% of employees to think about quitting their jobs.
So how do HR, People, + Culture leaders now win with today’s top talent?
Have an answer for how your business makes a positive social impact.
As Wendy Gilbert, 10+ year People and HR Expert, explained to us:
“The great thing about these up and coming generations, Millennials and Gen Z, is that giving and sharing has been ingrained in them as a citizen. 
More and more, we're hearing, ‘I don't care if you pay a little bit more than this other company; how do you give back to the community?’ 
We get those questions so much from interviewees and internally. The number one request that employees ask right now is ‘how can we expand our giving?’ So I’ve put it in my recruiting messages, ‘Here's who we are, here's our pay, here's our benefits, here's your culture, and here's our giving.’” - Wendy Gilbert, Director of People Operations @ Brainium
Proactively market your business as a leading corporate citizen. 
Even our customers are sharing that marketing their social impact program has boosted recruitment:
“We added our social impact program to engineering job descriptions - because they are difficult to hire - and we’ve had candidates saying, ‘That's cool, I've never seen that before.’” - Brett Brawermen, Director of People Empowerment @ Feedonomics
About 30 new employees have been hired since Feedonomics partnered with Percent Pledge in early 2021. 
Recruiting is largely an exercise in storytelling and including your "social impact story" into your recruiting pitch can be quite effective. Learn how you can market your social impact program.
Don’t just take it from us; the data is clear that social impact is a key determining element for today’s Millennial + GenZ talent. 
64% of millennials won’t take a job from a company that doesn’t have strong social impact practices (Cone Communications 2016). 
75% of millennials would take less pay to work for a socially responsible company (Cone Communications 2016).
72% of GenZ say corporate responsibility is very important to them (Institute for Corporate Productivity). 
93% of Gen Z say that a company’s impact on society affects their decision to work there (Institute for Corporate Productivity).
Top talent cares about how companies give back to the community, so by listening to current and prospective employees, your company can survive “The Great Resignation.” Learn how your fast-growing company can satisfy employees’ and incoming talents’ demands by adding a social impact program to your company.
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Cori Hammoor

Written by Cori Hammoor

Marketing Manager @ Percent Pledge.

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