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CEO, Cultivate Labs: Big Benefits, Low Lift

Joel Pollick
Posted by  Joel Pollick on Jun 12, 2019

“Launching Percent Pledge required minimal effort while delivering immediate tangible results: our team is empowered by the ability to impact the causes that resonate with them most as individuals, and the Pledge Reports deliver transparency and deep insights into our giving. Not to mention we feel like we're making a difference!” -Adam Siegel, CEO


While Cultivate Labs had a history of giving, their efforts lacked a strategy or purpose: "We had previously made donations to institutions like the U.S. Memorial Holocaust Museum who used our software platform, but nothing consistent," said one employee. 

As a company that used crowdsourcing technology to leverage collective knowledge, Cultivate was looking for a way to do something similarly powerful with the collective passions of its people. However, being a growing company, they didn't have a great deal of bandwidth or resources.


During a single 60-minute co-working session, Percent Pledge devised a strategy to effectively engage the Cultivate team by focusing on three areas:

  • UNITE previously ad hoc giving under a single platform
  • LEVERAGE technology to empower every team member to support his/her/their favorite causes at work
  • DELIVER immediate and ongoing transparency into Cultivate's growing impact.

Within three weeks, Percent Pledge had launched a customized Cultivate Labs Pledge Portal and introduced the personalized giving benefit to the Cultivate team in a 30 minute on-site demonstration.


Percent Pledge specializes in helping growing companies like Cultivate that have a desire to do good but lack the resources or expertise to effectively implement a CSR strategy that both makes an impact and engages their team. With Percent Pledge's personalized workplace giving platform, employees can seamlessly donate a small % of their monthly take-home pay/budget to their favorite cause(s).

Once employees #MakeThePledge, the platform:

  • AUTOMATES monthly giving
  • PROVIDES insights into both employee and company impact
  • DELIVERS transparency in the form of personalized Pledge Reports for each employee showing exactly how their Pledge is making a difference! 


We first introduced Percent Pledge at Cultivate’s HQ and employees immediately took to the platform, with many taking the 3 minutes to #MakeThePledge on the spot. “I wasn't expecting Percent Pledge to actually come in person and give the team a personalized introduction to the platform," said Siegel. Within days, 50% of Cultivate’s employee base had Made the Pledge, boasting one of our highest monthly donation averages. "With Percent Pledge, we can interact with our team's giving and see where our donations are going, but at the same time it's automated. We can sit back and see our giving grow, which is great."

$92 Avg. Cultivate Labs Pledge

23 Vetted Charities Helped

50% Employee Participation


"With Percent Pledge, my team gets to give to the causes that matter most to them, and because of the insights I receive, I now have a better idea of what they find important." -Adam, CEO

"I feel confident that all the causes have been pre-vetted so I know our money is being put to good use. And because the giving is automated, we can sit back and watch our impact grow, which is an incredible feeling!" -Ben, CTO

About Cultivate Labs: Cultivate Labs uses crowdsourcing techniques to harness the insights of an organization's employees to help inform strategic decisions and give decision makers real-time and ongoing predictions. Notable clients include LG Display and Australia's Broadspectrum. Cultivate Labs was founded in Chicago in 2014.

Joel Pollick

Written by Joel Pollick

Founder & CEO @ Percent Pledge. Expert in workplace giving, volunteering, and employee engagement for fast-growing companies.

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