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Best Places to Work Have This One Thing in Common...

Joel Pollick
Posted by  Joel Pollick on Aug 4, 2020

We researched Built In’s 2020 Best Places to Work across 4 major markets and found that nearly three out of every four Best Places to Work companies (72%) have this one thing in common…

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Best places to work commit to philanthropy
We analyzed the Built In 2020 Best Places to Work lists for 4 major markets: Chicago, New York, Boston, and Colorado. 
We pored over each individual list of 100 companies, as well as the total group of 400 companies, to identify which companies feature at least one of these philanthropic criteria as part of their Built In Perks + Benefits:
  • Volunteer in local community
  • Partners with nonprofits
  • Match charitable contributions
  • Paid volunteer time
We found the eye-popping results: 
72% (289/400) of Built In’s 2020 Best Places to work in Chicago, New York, Boston, and Colorado offer workplace philanthropy benefits.
78% of Built In’s 2020 Best Places to Work in Chicago offer workplace philanthropy benefits.
64% of Built In’s 2020 Best Places to Work in New York offer workplace philanthropy benefits.
74% of Built In’s 2020 Best Places to Work in Boston offer workplace philanthropy benefits.
73% of Built In’s 2020 Best Places to Work in Colorado offer workplace philanthropy benefits.
Best Places to Work Stats (1)-1
 Additional best practices we recommend and saw in many of the “Best Places to Work” organizations:
  • Pairing Paid Volunteer Time with Company-Sponsored Team Volunteer Events: Many companies who offer Paid Volunteer Time also proactively plan group volunteer events, putting less burden on employees to research individual service opportunities.
  • Full-time Employees Dedicated to Workplace Giving: Many companies have either full-time staff dedicated to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), or community impact efforts. 
  • Cross-functional Cares Teams: Many have formed grassroots, employee-led “Cares Teams” that work to democratize how the company gives back.
  • Focus on Local Impact: Many companies partner with local nonprofits, providing both donations and volunteer services to the communities in which they work and live.
Why the best in class give back
Years ago, workplace giving and volunteering programs were seen as a “nice-to-have,” but this clearly shows how rapidly times have changed—for the better! Today’s best in class companies now view giving programs as “must-haves.”
We know from our clients on this list, as well as 50+ C-Suite interviews we conducted, that companies have invested in workplace philanthropy for a few key reasons: 
  1. Low-Risk, High-Reward
    As far as culture and employee engagement initiatives go, philanthropy presents the lowest risk. People love giving back, and giving back also makes your company look even better. 
  2. Improves Employee Engagement, Decreases Employee Turnover
    Benevity’s 2018 two million employee study shows that engaging employees in both giving and volunteering reduces turnover 57%. Giving is scientifically proven to increase happiness and employees perform better when they are engaged in giving programs they are emotionally invested in.
  3. Impact and Value
         No other initiatives positively impact each of these aspects of your company at the same time: 
            - Company culture
            - Employee engagement
            - Employee retention
            - Employer brand
            - Community outcomes
What this means for your company
Now is the time to act. (Yes, even in the era of COVID-19). It’s easy to do good, it feels good, and it makes you look good.
If your company is just starting out on your giving journey, there are companies like Percent Pledge that ensure your workplace giving program is customized, accessible, easy, and affordable.
Additionally, if your company has existing initiatives, there are some easy ways to transform those initiatives from ad hoc to purposeful, measurable, and sustainable. For help doing so, check out the pieces below!
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Joel Pollick

Written by Joel Pollick

Founder & CEO @ Percent Pledge. Expert in workplace giving, volunteering, and employee engagement for fast-growing companies.

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