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Joel Pollick
Founder & CEO @ Percent Pledge. Expert in workplace giving, volunteering, and employee engagement for fast-growing companies.

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#ThreeTips: Modern Workplace Giving & Volunteering Programs

Posted by Joel Pollick on Jan 6, 2020

The data is quite clear, today's talent CARES! As a result, workplace giving & volunteering programs have evolved from "giving to charity" to "gaining an edge". Leading edge companies are acting accordingly to make modern giving programs a core business strategy and - with these three tips - you can too. 

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8 Ways To Engage Your Employees This Giving Season (2019)

Posted by Joel Pollick on Nov 25, 2019

The holidays and new year (together, the giving season) present a low-lift, high-impact opportunity to engage employees. Why? It's the time of year when employees are [1] most philanthropic but also [2] most checked out; giving season programs activate #1 while counteracting #2. So, here are 8 fun - and easy - program ideas.

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HealthTech's Super-CSR Mutation

Posted by Joel Pollick on Nov 18, 2019

HealthTech employees are highly altruistic, and many have previously worked at non-profits (similar to EdTech). Also, HealthTech is a young industry that is recruiting a lot of millennial talent. It's a perfect storm for employee bases eager for opportunities to give back.

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Puppy Walk 2019

Posted by Joel Pollick on Sep 26, 2019

Benjamin Franklin famously said that there were only two "sure things" in life: death and taxes. While he was - for better or worse - correct about those two inevitable certainties, Percent Pledge may have a third "sure thing" to add to Mr. Franklin's list. 

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Happy Employees are Good for Business: How to Increase Employee Happiness

Posted by Joel Pollick on Sep 16, 2019

In case you were checked out during that class (and didn't watch Even Stevens), the Transitive Property goes like this: If A = B and B = C, then A = C. This property is helpful to understand the business value of the neural link between giving and happiness.

It works like this: if Giving = Happier Employees and Happier Employees = Happier Customers, then Giving = Happier Customers (and many other improved business results).

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Video Case Study with Ayo Jimoh, Chief Technology Officer @ Visibly

Posted by Joel Pollick on Jul 10, 2019

"Percent Pledge has been a win-win that satisfies employee desire to give back and makes giving a part of company culture." Ayo Jimoh, CTO @ Visibly.

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CEO, Cultivate Labs: Big Benefits, Low Lift

Posted by Joel Pollick on Jun 12, 2019

“Launching Percent Pledge required minimal effort while delivering immediate tangible results: our team is empowered by the ability to impact the causes that resonate with them most as individuals, and the Pledge Reports deliver transparency and deep insights into our giving. Not to mention we feel like we're making a difference!”   -Adam Siegel, CEO

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Aclaimant Partners with Percent Pledge to Build A Culture of Giving

Posted by Joel Pollick on Jun 5, 2019
"One of the core foundations that Aclaimant was built on was helping people,'' said David Wald, CEO and Co-founder of Aclaimant. “Percent Pledge helps us extend that philosophy by allowing our employees to easily interact and support the charities and non-profits that are important to them and important to our company!"
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How to Connect Your Distributed Team Through Volunteering

Posted by Joel Pollick on Jun 5, 2019

The topic of volunteering has come up a lot lately with new clients, and rightfully so. Volunteering has become the "water cooler" or "softball league" culture activity that's more effective with today's talent, while simultaneously better for your reputation and community. However, managing volunteering programs is difficult, especially for companies with distributed and highly remote teams. This blog will make it easy for companies with distributed teams to introduce - and manage - engaging volunteer programs.

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Apple Knows How Important Giving Is to Consumers. Do You Know How Important Giving Is to Your Employees?

Posted by Joel Pollick on May 24, 2019

Apple recently featured this content in the App Store: "Innovative Ways to Give Back". Why? Because 90% of millennials--and 85% of all consumers--would switch brands to one associated with social causes.

Additionally, for you, know that 83% of millennial employees are more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social causes. So, with both those facts, how are you leveraging philanthropy to retain your key stakeholders?

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