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Danielle Perlstein

Danielle Perlstein
Vice President of Sales @ Percent Pledge

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Attracting (+ Retaining) Today’s Top Talent

Posted by Danielle Perlstein on Jul 23, 2020

There’s one easy solution to your employee retention challenges; and Percent Pledge is here to help.

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Building an Authentic Company Culture

Posted by Danielle Perlstein on Jun 8, 2020

Companies need more than a fully stocked fridge to create a strong, sustainable culture.

3 minute read

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Workplace Philanthropy Enduring COVID-19

Posted by Danielle Perlstein on Mar 26, 2020
Pressing pause on your pre-coronavirus culture-focused initiatives? You don’t have to.
With new research about the positive effects of workplace philanthropy on company culture and employee engagement, it’s no wonder companies of all sizes are finding ways to give back. But during the era of COVID-19, social distancing most likely also means charitable distancing, and we have suggestions for how (and why) you can still be in the giving spirit.
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UPchieve's Coronavirus Response, and Advice They Have for Others

Posted by Danielle Perlstein on Mar 24, 2020

Our interview with Aly Murray--Co-Founder & Executive Director of our partner charity UPchieve--on how charities are adapting to COVID-19 and why now is a critical time for companies to make a big impact.

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