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Inside Our New Pledge Portals & Giving Experience (GX)

Joel Pollick
Posted by  Joel Pollick on Mar 23, 2021
We rolled out a new user experience—or giving experience (GX)—to make philanthropic efforts as seamless as possible!
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We are very excited to announce some amazing new enhancements to our proprietary Pledge Portals - the custom-configured SaaS giving platforms that power our customers’ social impact programs. These improvements enhance the Pledge Portals for our business customers and the user experience - or Giving Experience (GX) - for their employee donors. Read on to see what’s new!
What’s New for Business Customers with our Pledge Portals
We enhanced our Pledge Portals in the following ways to provide greater value to our business customers, which now range from fast-growing startups to Fortune 100 firms. Our Pledge Portals remain easy-to-use for employees and require zero customer admins, and now they also feature industry-leading security controls as well as a broader array of possible customizations. 
  • Enhanced Pledge Portal Security in the form of portal-wide SOC 2 Type II compliance and new, more complex password requirements
  • Endlessly Flexible Matching Donation Campaigns that now allow companies to customize their matching donation campaigns across these mutually-inclusive criteria:
    • Per Employee or Per Company Matching Budgets (or both! can now set a matching cap for the entire company while also setting a per-employee limit to ensure a more equitable distribution of participating donors)
    • Open or Custom Matching Eligibility (any charities vs. specific charities) 
    • Ongoing or Timed Matching Campaigns
  • New “Max Your Match” features that are thoughtfully designed to help ensure employees utilize the full matching budget available to them, thus simultaneously boosting employee participation and company-wide impact
  • Improved Employee Education via better form validation and new employee education boxes throughout the Pledge Portal to ensure a clear, guided experience
  • New Pledge Portal Homepage Customization with content and communication modules that automatically swap in-and-out based on each customer’s giving program offerings. Additionally, we have included these small releases that increase Portal personalization:
    • Updated styling
    • Updated company FAQ pages
    • New company-specific log-in/log-out pages
    • New company-specific footers
What’s New for Employee Donors with our Giving Experience (GX)
We enhanced our GX in the following ways to continually evolve beyond our initial innovation of making it easy to make giving a habit by donating X% of monthly take-home. It still takes just 1-3 minutes to customize a monthly subscription-for-giving via our giving platform, and now it can also truly serve as a one-stop-shop for someone’s entire philanthropic identity. 
Donate Step 1
  • New Central Point of Giving that:
    • Brings all one-time and subscription-giving features together into one flow
    • Enables donations of either type to any combination of vetted Cause Portfolios and/or specific charities  
    • Makes our 1M+ nonprofit database (and Build-Your-Own-Portfolio) feature more central so that employee donors better understand the flexibility they have to support their favorite charities (which may differ from our Cause Portfolio charities)

Donate Step 1 w_ Charity

  • New Donor Education Modules have been added to the donation flows, enabling employee donors to see complete profiles of the charities within each vetted Cause Portfolio at the same moment they are customizing their donations 

Donate step 3

  • New Donation Amount customizations so that employees can do any split of their donation between any combination of vetted Cause Portfolios and/or specific charities 
  • New “Max Your Match” features that are thoughtfully designed to provide employees with:
    • Breakdown about the impact of a company match on their donations
    • Recommendations about how to max-out their matching donation benefit
    • Visual reporting on progress towards maxing-out their matching donation benefit 
  • New Dashboard Analytics shows full giving stats for both current-year + all-time (to accommodate a large part of our community who’s been a member of the Pledger community for more than 12 months). Additionally, the dashboard now shows:
    • Visual breakdown of giving: monthly, one-time, off-portal, and matching donations
    • Progress Bar towards maxing-out any available matching donation benefit
    • Specifics on exactly which donations were boosted by a company match 
    • Downloadable Tax Receipts for monthly, one-time, and off-portal donations 
    • Specific on exactly which charities are supported for each donation, whether the donation is made to our vetted Cause Portfolios or a user-created Personal Portfolio
  • Updated Dashboard Modules for one-time and off-portal donations and volunteering
  • Portable Accounts for employees who leave their current company but want to take their Pledge account to their new employer and/or want to keep giving as an individual
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