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Virtual Volunteering Unites Teams to Each Other + Their Communities

Cori Hammoor
Posted by  Cori Hammoor on Apr 22, 2021
Volunteering has become the fastest-growing way for companies to connect their employees with each other and their communities. And just because your team is remote does not mean you have to stop volunteering with your colleagues.
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Rise of volunteering
Volunteering has often been looked at as an "impossibility" during the COVID-19 pandemic. But like so many other companies who needed to adapt during these strange, new times, Percent Pledge adapted its volunteer programming to include remote-friendly volunteer experiences for teams across the globe. 
With the growing demand for social impact in the workplace, we ensure there are not any barriers between connecting employees to each other and their communities. 
Engaging the Betterment community
Our clients continue to impress us with their commitment to giving back to and engaging with their community--especially one of our newest clients, Betterment.
In a recent Volunteer Week, Betterment supported their community by “collectively creating a big impact, which felt incredibly rewarding,” a Betterment volunteer reported in their volunteer story. 
During the Volunteer Week, employee volunteers connected with their community in many ways.  
  • Conducting mock interviews with Per Scholas’ future software engineers providing them with “thoughtful and actionable information that helped them in their job search” - Senior Manager at Per Scholas.
  • Creating maps of underrepresented communities with HOT, as many places in the world are unmapped, making it very difficult for organizations supporting humanitarian aid and sustainable development in these locations to respond effectively.
  • Building an “Intro to Budgeting” template for BUILD NYC used to teach high school students about business and personal budgets.
  • Building a website for BUILD NYC to direct students to mental health resources, a calendar of events, needs assessment form, info for parents, and other resources. BUILD NYC was “beyond grateful for Percent Pledge to think of BUILD NYC and Betterment's incredible support to complete these two incredible projects within a week! Both projects will help our students tremendously.” 
Across 4 nonprofits and 5 projects, Betterment employees served 193 hours virtually in 1 week. 
Surpassing the Betterment goal
Companies turn to Percent Pledge to give back to causes and communities that make sense for their brand and resonate with the employees as individuals. Percent Pledge designs each volunteer program based on a company’s Passion Assessment to ensure that their volunteer service is inclusive and representative of their passions. 
Betterment partnered with Percent Pledge to connect employees worldwide. They received great feedback after a previous matching donation campaign, and employees wanted to keep giving back through volunteering. 
After Percent Pledge curated a week of events for Betterment, “Betterment employees continued to ask when we’re going to do another volunteer week. Partnering with Percent Pledge required minimal effort on our behalf while delivering maximum results for our employees and the organizations we supported,” reported the Engagement Manager and Volunteer at Betterment.
As a result, Betterment listened to their employees, and it provided them with experiences that became “the most rewarding and fulfilling week. It made it even more impactful by the fact that the efforts and resources created by our volunteers had an immediate impact on the communities they supported.”
Betterment truly showed the power of virtual volunteering with 30% of Betterment employees engaged in 1 week (105/350 employees engaged), doubling their participation goal. 
Engaging Betterment employees through giving back together
The feedback gathered for Betterment’s Volunteer Impact Report showed an overwhelming excitement for connecting with each other and their communities:
“I'm grateful Betterment values supporting our communities. Taking a small amount of time to create a big impact collectively is incredibly rewarding.”
“It was great to join forces with the company members I don't normally work with on a common goal. I'm thankful for the opportunity to help a fantastic organization support its communities more efficiently. Thank you!”
“It felt really good to be able to give back to people trying to break into the tech space.”
- Employee Volunteers @ Betterment
Betterment’s Volunteer Week demonstrated Betterment’s commitment to going the extra mile in their social impact and creating a sustainable culture of giving for their employees. 
Interested in volunteering at your company? Schedule time with our team of experts to chat about this highly impactful and culture-positive initiative.
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Cori Hammoor

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