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Joel Pollick
Founder & CEO @ Percent Pledge. Expert in workplace giving, volunteering, and employee engagement for fast-growing companies.

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2020 Year in Review: Gratitude + Self-Reflection

Posted by Joel Pollick on Dec 29, 2020

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Best Places to Work Have This One Thing in Common...

Posted by Joel Pollick on Aug 4, 2020

We researched Built In’s 2020 Best Places to Work across 4 major markets and found that nearly three out of every four Best Places to Work companies (72%) have this one thing in common…

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The Power of Skills-Based Virtual Volunteering

Posted by Joel Pollick on Jun 4, 2020

Live volunteer events are amongst the most positive culture and employee engagement programs. And we have suggestions on how to keep those culture-focused, team-building initiatives alive. 

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Suzy and Percent Pledge Rally Tech Companies With #NYTechCares

Posted by Joel Pollick on May 13, 2020

“Partnering with Suzy on NY Tech Cares was a no brainer for us,” said Joel Pollick, Founder & CEO of Percent Pledge. “We’ve been so grateful to support relief efforts through our COVID-19 Relief Portfolio, together with our donors and company partners, and we’re grateful to now expand those efforts in support of NYC’s students.”

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Our Forbes Double Feature on Fighting Back Against COVID-19

Posted by Joel Pollick on May 11, 2020

Over the last few weeks, our team has been fiercely dedicated to spreading the word about our new COVID-19 relief movement. We launched the COVID-19 Relief Portfolio to support the communities that are most vulnerable and that desperately need our help. Since our launch in mid-April, we have been incredibly pleased with the response from the corporate community – and from our friends at Forbes.

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Explainer: What The New CARES Act Charitable Tax Incentives Mean for Donors and Companies

Posted by Joel Pollick on Apr 8, 2020

For donors and companies thinking about how to make a positive impact during this critical time, donate; doing so is now both altruistic AND financially beneficial.

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Percent Pledge’s COVID-19 Relief Portfolio

Posted by Joel Pollick on Apr 3, 2020

We are announcing the release of a new COVID-19 Relief Portfolio to help companies, employees, and everyday donors become a force for good during this difficult time. Our force for good will begin mobilizing in full on April 6th. 

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The Mayo Clinic Guide To Stress-Free Living & The Power of Gratitude

Posted by Joel Pollick on Mar 30, 2020

This book has become the single most important reading for my personal and entrepreneurial journey and--spoiler alert--it is all about GRATITUDE. More precisely, it is all about the practice of gratitude.

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#ThreeTips: Modern Workplace Giving & Volunteering Programs

Posted by Joel Pollick on Jan 6, 2020

The data is quite clear, today's talent CARES! As a result, workplace giving & volunteering programs have evolved from "giving to charity" to "gaining an edge". Leading edge companies are acting accordingly to make modern giving programs a core business strategy and - with these three tips - you can too. 

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8 Ways To Engage Your Employees This Giving Season (2019)

Posted by Joel Pollick on Nov 25, 2019

The holidays and new year (together, the giving season) present a low-lift, high-impact opportunity to engage employees. Why? It's the time of year when employees are [1] most philanthropic but also [2] most checked out; giving season programs activate #1 while counteracting #2. So, here are 8 fun - and easy - program ideas.

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