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Attracting (+ Retaining) Today’s Top Talent

Danielle Perlstein
Posted by  Danielle Perlstein on Jul 23, 2020

There’s one easy solution to your employee retention challenges; and Percent Pledge is here to help.

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Employee turnover isn't going anywhere

How is your company recruiting and retaining talented employees?

Retention and turnover is the top workforce management problem according to the 2018 SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Report. And this challenge isn’t going anywhere. Millennials now make up over 50% of the workforce, and Gallup Research shows they are the generation most likely to frequently change their jobs (meaning employers have to work that much harder to keep them engaged).

Cultivating a positive company culture

The companies that set themselves apart from their competitors are the ones who are embracing the realities of an increasingly disengaged workforce, and proactively doing something about it. 

Cultivating (and maintaining) a positive company culture is key to recruiting today’s top talent and increasing retention. Every interviewing blog puts company culture questions front and center -- for both the interviewer and the interviewee. And with every cool, young startup offering ping pong tables and cold brew on tap, companies have to dig a little deeper to uncover what a strong company culture really looks like. 

Culture-focused companies are finding workplace philanthropy to be a powerful pillar to their culture, as well as a solution to their turnover problem. A 2018 Benevity study looked at 2 million employees and discovered a direct link between companies with workplace giving programs, and employee retention. 

Turnover is reduced by 57% for employees actively engaged in both giving and volunteering through work. But even if your company is not in a place to offer employees opportunities to both donate and volunteer, simply offering one has a major impact. Turnover is reduced by 39% for employees who volunteer through work and 36% for employees who donate through work.


How Percent Pledge can help

Workplace giving programs don’t assemble overnight. It takes time, personnel, and an abundance of resources to build a successful corporate giving and volunteer program. And that’s where Percent Pledge comes in. 

Percent Pledge is a full-service workplace philanthropy solution that harnesses your employees’ favorite causes to develop your company’s custom-tailored giving and volunteer program. Our Pledge Portal supports monthly automated giving, or one-time donations, with curated monthly impact reports that show exactly how your company is making a positive impact. And our Volunteer Concierge organizes company-wide opportunities to give back to your local community and engage with colleagues in a meaningful way -- either in-person or virtually

Today’s talent is more socially-conscious than ever before, and workplace giving and volunteering helps to create a culture they want to join, stay a part of, and tell their friends about. Employees have a deep emotional connection to their favorite causes, and when employees associate their company with supporting those causes, it creates a strong, loyal workforce. Workplace philanthropy is a low risk, high reward solution for positively impacting your company culture and retaining your team.


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Danielle Perlstein

Written by Danielle Perlstein

Vice President of Sales @ Percent Pledge

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