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3 Ways to Increase Engagement Around Holiday Giving

Cori Hammoor
Posted by  Cori Hammoor on Nov 18, 2020
It’s that time of year again. Turkey, stuffing, stockings, distracted employees... Here’s how to engage your team during the upcoming holiday season (with the added benefit of doing some serious good).

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This crazy year has made one thing clear: employees, investors, and consumers care a lot about a company’s social impact. And with high expectations around workplace giving, the upcoming holiday season is the perfect time to take your company’s giving program for a test drive -- or kick it into high gear.

Workplace giving has many benefits, like supporting your company’s local community or impacting causes that align with your company’s values. But one lesser-known benefit is the direct correlation between workplace giving and employee engagement.

Here are 3 ways to engage your company around an authentic and sustainable workplace giving program during the holiday season.
#1 Workplace Giving Campaign
Workplace philanthropy is often thought of as companies writing big checks to charities, since that can be an easy way to give back during the holidays. But by simply writing a big check, companies are missing out on a significant opportunity: engaging employees in the giving experience.

Including employees in the giving experience provides your team with opportunities to connect with one another, and strengthen their connection to your company. And helping employees give back to the charities they care most about has the added benefit of improving morale and spreading positivity.

Learn more about what a workplace giving campaign looks like and how you benefit.
#2 Matching Employee Donations
Almost 50% of companies give gifts (average of $37/employee) during the holiday season with 44% of those gifts being gift cards. Giving gifts to employees is brilliant, as it expresses your company's appreciation for employees, but we believe gift giving can go a bit further.

Instead of simply giving gifts to employees, give them the opportunity to support the causes they care about and boost their impact through a matching donation program. Employees will support the issues and communities that matter to most them, and your company will create a personalized experience they will cherish.

Learn more about what matching employee donations looks like and how you benefit.
#3 Employee Volunteering
The holiday season isn’t all about donating money, it’s also about donating time and talent to help those in need.

Yes, restocking shelves, folding clothes, and serving at soup kitchens is very important, but most nonprofits also need support with marketing, accounting, strategic planning, technology, and much more. This is where skills-based and virtual volunteering comes in. Both, live and virtual volunteer opportunities connect teams to each other and their communities.

Learn more about what employee volunteering looks like and how you benefit.
How to implement workplace holiday giving programs:
Implement internally using some guides on matching employee donations and employee volunteering.


Outsource to philanthropic experts, like us, saving time and money. We do all of the work for you - from finding pre-vetted charities to customizing your matching donations to curating employee volunteering opportunities. This holiday season is the perfect opportunity to take a workplace giving program for a test drive. And holiday giving has never been easier with Percent Pledge by your side. 
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Cori Hammoor

Written by Cori Hammoor

Marketing Manager @ Percent Pledge.

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